Work Portfolio

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Here are some before and after pictures. More to come.

Before S.C.       
                            Before and After Sower stall! 


                                                           New Laundry Tub in garage! 


 Whole house Supply replacement/ Manabloc System 

     Cast iron sewer replacement in basement. 


Coleman Job/ New sewer for addition.                            Kitchen sink rough-in. 

B.W. Job/ Laundry Tub where a toilet use to be. 


    B.W. Job/  New Tub-Shower being put in!                                           Installed!  1 of 2                                                                     2 of 2    


  This is why it is important to have your water heater serviced every year (keys on top to show size). Over time sediment will build up and could ruin your lower electric element. A $30 service (not including show up fee) a year could save you $100's, and Life Flow offers a first time customer discount!!   


             Old Water Heater.                                New Water Heater! Thinking Tankless?
                                                                                         We can Help!!  


             Coleman Job/ New kitchen sink.